Translation Agency – Golden Hind

For 20 years, Moscow’s “Translation Agency – Golden Hind” has been providing professional linguistic services to companies in 19 countries across three continents. We take pride in the high quality of our services, a fact affirmed not only by the caliber of our clients but also by the positive feedback we receive.

We specialize in large-scale projects within the oil and gas, power engineering, and construction industries. Our company is continually expanding its portfolio by attracting highly qualified translators and editors every month. Our team consists of 48 full-time and over 1,000 freelance professionals with an average experience of 17 years. Every second team member has a technical education, ensuring professionalism and a deep understanding of industry-specific nuances.

When choosing a translation company, it is crucial to prioritize quality over cost. Our agency stands out among thousands of competitors by striving to provide not just a translation but a well-adapted, high-quality content. Many promise low prices, but often their work results in translations riddled with semantic and terminological errors. Unlike them, we guarantee that your text will be not only accurately translated but also stylistically appropriate, considering the cultural and contextual nuances of the target audience. Choose us if you value results.

We continuously optimize and enhance our workflows, successfully implementing the latest industry technologies. If our principles and values resonate with you, let's collaborate.

Translation Agency – Golden Hind
27 000

– this is the number of pages we translate annually, 70% of these are technical translations.

Our Services

We offer our clients a wide range of all the most demanded translation services:
  • Written translation


    The most in-demand type of translation due to the diversity of topics and the wide range of its applications.

  • Interpretation Services


    The most challenging type of work for a translator, regardless of the language in which the verbal communication occurs.

  • Website Translation


    Involves developing a multilingual version of your website.

  • Graphic Design


    We offer desktop publishing and graphic design services for materials, regardless of their volume and complexity.

  • Specialized Translation


    Our company has extensive experience working with technical, legal, and economic documentation.

  • Notarized Translation


    We take a responsible approach to notarized translation, ensuring that it is completed accurately and on time.

Languages of Translation

We translate texts from most languages in the world. The majority of translations are done from/to English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese.

  • Chinese FlagChinese
  • German FlagGerman
  • Dutch FlagDutch
  • Hindi FlagHindi
  • Portugal FlagPortugal
  • English FlagEnglish
  • Spanish FlagSpanish
  • Japanese FlagJapanese
  • Korean FlagKorean
  • Arabic FlagArabic
  • French FlagFrench
  • Italian FlagItalian
  • Norvegian FlagNorvegian
  • Turkish FlagTurkish

Geography of Projects

Geography of Projects
Eurasia, America, Africa, Australia
  • 100-500 clients
  • 10–99 clients
  • 1–9 clients

Advantages of Working with Us

Why is it profitable to collaborate with us:
  • Advantages of Working with Us

    Highly Qualified Specialists

    We have a large team of professional translators and editors, 50% of whom have both linguistic and specialized education.
  • Advantages of Working with Us

    Adherence to Standards

    In our work, we adhere to industry standards for translation services, including EN 15038:2006 and ASTM F2575-06.
  • Advantages of Working with Us

    Guaranteed Deadlines

    We are available 24/7. We accept and complete orders even on holidays and weekends.
  • Advantages of Working with Us


    We guarantee complete confidentiality of information, which maximizes the protection of our clients' interests and enhances their trust in us.
  • Advantages of Working with Us

    Cost Savings

    Thanks to the use of automated translation systems and the translation databases we have accumulated over 20 years, we reduce our clients' service costs by up to 70%.
  • Advantages of Working with Us

    Custom Order Management System

    We have implemented our own order management system (CRM), which significantly simplifies the procedures for placing, calculating, processing, executing, and delivering orders through automation.

Major Projects

  • Development of Shtokman gas&condensate field


    Development of Shtokman gas&condensate field

    50000 pages
    7000 images
    100000 hours

    For three and a half years, we served as the primary contractor for "Shtokman Development AG," providing comprehensive translation services for the project.

  • Power Plant Modernization Projects


    Power Plant Modernization Projects

    70000 pages
    43000 images
    120000 hours

    Our company participated in translating documentation during the modernization of several major power plants, including: the Tsimlyansk Hydroelectric Station, the Votkinsk Hydroelectric Station, the Sredneuralskaya GRES, the Jerada Thermal Power Station (Morocco), and the Pakal Dul Hydroelectric Plant (India).

  • Development of Oil Fields on the Caspian Shelf


    Development of Oil Fields on the Caspian Shelf

    60000 pages
    20000 images
    110000 hours

    We are involved in translating documentation for oil fields on the Caspian shelf: named after Yu. Kuvykin, Yu. Korchagin, V. Filanovsky, and Zapadno-Rakushchnoye.

  • Construction of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline


    Construction of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline

    15000 pages
    5000 images
    25000 hours

    We participated in translating documentation for the construction of the gas pipeline connecting Russia with Western Europe. Throughout the project, we translated a large number of Russian and international standards, drawings, reports, memorandums, brochures, internal instructions, and technical specifications.



Leading global companies trust our translation agency. More than 50 organizations from the “Top 400 Largest Companies in Russia” have collaborated with us in the past or are our current clients.

Why Don’t We List Rates on Our Website?

  • Individual Approach

    On many translation company websites, listed rates are merely starting points and can significantly change during the negotiation process, depending on the complexity and urgency of the task, as well as additional services. We prefer to avoid this practice, offering instead to prepare a personalized commercial proposal for each project.

  • Transparent Terms

    For clients, knowing the final cost of services is always more important than knowing the rates. We take into account repetitions and matches with translation memory in the documents submitted for evaluation, which is only possible after reviewing the texts. Additionally, the final cost of the translation can differ significantly from the preliminary estimate upon project completion.

  • Focus on Large Projects

    We specialize in providing translation services for large-scale technological projects and primarily work with legal entities. Our average project involves thousands of pages of documentation, requiring an individual approach to preparing a commercial proposal.

  • Unified Pricing

    Unlike other agencies, we do not use varying pricing for our services. Our goal is to provide clients with high-quality translations without them having to worry about the number of specialists involved in the work.

We have prepared a detailed article with tips on how to choose translation agency services correctly. You can read it on this page.

Quality System

We have developed our own project management system, which guarantees the high quality of our services. When it is necessary to translate multi-page documents in a short time, collective work must be organized precisely—like an assembly line in a car factory. Therefore, we have a well-established project management procedure.

We pay attention to details as if someone's life depends on it. In our work, we use the latest technologies and text processing methods: expanding glossaries of terms and applying CAT tools. As a result, the final product is an authentic translation that maintains terminological and stylistic consistency.

Our quality system has been developed over many years of working on a wide variety of projects. Now we can confidently say that we are capable of solving any translation task set before us.

Quality System

92 / 100% — the quality index of our services according to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we ranked first, ahead of 11 other companies

Supplier Selection for Translation Services (Moscow, 2008)


We accept translation orders electronically—use the button at the bottom of the page. The form is simple, and placing an order will take no more than a minute of your time.

We are also always happy to consult, answer questions, give advice, or provide a tip—call the phone number above, and our manager will listen to you attentively and willingly.